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We know our Soffits & Fascia

In Edmonton, this part of the country weather takes its toll on the exterior of our homes, particularly the roof edges. Since 2014, we have been repairing and rebuilding soffits (overhangs) and fascia boards. Whether its just a gutter and some trim torn down by ice or the entire overhang, Matt’s roofing can take care of the job, or fix the problem in a neat and lasting manner. We will be happy to work with your insurance company.

An improperly functioning gutter and leader system can contribute to water and ice backing up against fascias, causing damage to the fascia boards and soffits. Fascia board is a flat board that is nailed to the end of the rafters, above the roof edge. The fascia encloses the roof overhang under the eave that runs along the roof edge. The gutters are attached to the fascia board.

From the ground up it may appear that the fascia boards and soffits just need a new coat of paint but sometimes the weight of the gutters or debris can cause the nails to eventually pull out. The gutter can tilt and cause an open space between itself and the fascia board. Water then goes down the fascia board and spreads along the soffit. Water will not only damage the fascia board it can also fall along the foundation or spread into the ceiling. Upon close inspection of the wood it will become obvious that it’s beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Our gutter repair experts will pry off the fascia board along the eave and clean out any debris behind it. They will remove the flashing and replace any under-soffit plywood. Any rotting, spongy, brittle or crumbling boards are removed. New flashing, fascia boards and soffit vents are then installed.

Soffit vents are the rectangular vents on the underside of the soffit. They’re usually made of vinyl or aluminum and they are covered with a nylon mesh or netting to prevent bees, etc. from taking up residence in your attic. Neglected soffits can be a haven for small animals, insects, and rot that can create problems in the overall structure of the house.

We offer a variety of soffit types including plywood, vinyl, or aluminum or we can match the old soffit with tongue-and-groove beaded board. Matt’s Roofing can replace existing materials to protect your home from the elements or we can transform your home with new fascias and soffits to improve its appearance and value.

We also offer aluminum trim and vinyl covering for this part of your home that is so hard to paint and take care of. By adding vinyl soffit panels and aluminum fascia covering when getting new gutters, it makes this entire area maintenance free. It is also an excellent time to consider adding soffit vents to decrease future ice build up.

At Matt’s roofing, our experienced technicians offer year-round siding, soffit, fascia, and covering installation, and repair, and more!

Whether your home or business needs new siding or a simple repair, Matt’s roofing brings tried and true industry experience to you. We are committed to providing you with quality carpentry and cost-effect repairs and rebuilds.

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